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Hi, I’m Maggie!

…nice to (virtually) meet you!

I’m Maggie Abril and I am a Realtor–and Senior Real Estate Specialist–that specializes in downsizers, empty nesters, and real estate for retirement.

There are two reasons I love this niche—first, I’m good at it! And second, it’s extremely rewarding to help people plan for what will be the best years of their life.

If you’re in your 40s, 50s, 60s or 70s and you’re looking to build your new empty-nester lifestyle—I’m your Realtor. I can make the transition not only smooth, but will build excitement and happiness into this time period in your life which can feel stressful if improperly executed.

But my real estate for financial stability and retirement doesn’t just work for people in their 50s and beyond—first-time homebuyers and growing families are welcome too. By using the ‘real estate for retirement’ concept I can help you use your home and real estate to secure your family’s financial future!

How you handle downsizing from a larger family home to a smaller place for empty nesters—can range from traumatic and stressful to peaceful and exciting. I want to help you make it the latter. With my smooth transition plan, financial real estate planning and overall spirit we can get you into the right home for your lifestyle.

Do you want to move to a manicured place with a pool? A smaller private home that still has enough room for the grandkids? A condo—with an inspiring view? I have a list of properties that I’ve helped others become owners in, and can offer critical, practical advice to help you make this life transition in a way that you can be super excited about!

Beyond finding you home and the transactional elements of the sale, I have a full network that can help, including home inspectors, movers, service people like plumbers and HVAC, mortgage brokers, financial planners and more.

Also, I work closely with a professional downsizer that will help you organize and declutter your home–and a lawyer who will travel to you to get the job done, if needed!

Contact me for a list of my favourite downsizing neighbourhoods, condos and lifestyle properties.

A large chunk of my clients are between the ages of 50 and 70, and they appreciate the knowledge and experience that I bring in helping them sculpt the lifestyle that they want through real estate decisions. However, I also strongly encourage younger people to begin thinking about real estate as a concept for retirement. With proper planning you can use your real estate to help you build your retirement plan—and it’s never too early to start!


By planning your real estate decisions according to your lifelong plans you can leverage it into the life plan that you want. I have helped many do this, and nothing brings me greater joy than to help people use real estate to create the life they want.


Whether you’re 25, 45, or 65+—I can help. Use the contact form below and we can begin creating an exciting plan for you to get you in the lifestyle that you want now, and in the future.