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Transition Management – What is it? Do I Need It? Q&A

Moving for seniors is often accompanied by feelings of excitement , guilt, and anxiety. Just the thought of going through years of accumulated treasures , downsizing and getting organized, causes people to become overwhelmed. Enter the Transition Manager . . . .


What exactly is Transition Management?

When someone has been living in their home for a long time, or they are unable to take on the multitude of things needing to be done to make a move, there is a new breed of professional on the scene to help them – the Transition Manager (also commonly known as a Senior Move Manager). The role of a transition manager is to take care of the details of a move – as much as you want or need them to take on. A transition manager is ready to take the stress out of your move. Working under our direction, they will handle the big-ticket things and the minutiae, all in the name of making your move as easy as possible for you and your family.



How does it all work?

The first step is you and I sit down for a complimentary consultation. These typically last between 1 and 1& 1/2 hours. During this time, I’ll learn a lot about you – your wants, your needs, your concerns, and the resources you have available to help you through the process. We’ll start off with the questions in the brochure ‘The 8 Most Important Questions’ and we’ll go forward from there.


How much does this all cost?

As I mentioned, our initial get-together is complimentary. Also, if you have asked us to provide you with an opinion of your home’s value, that is also complimentary. Any other services you wish us to provide will be charged to you, either at an increased real estate fee, an hourly rate, or a flat fee; either way, our fees will be completely outlined and agreed to prior to your incurring any costs.


This sounds like it could get expensive – is there a limit to how much you will charge me?

That’s a very good question. Experience has taught us how long certain services take to deliver, so we do have a pretty good idea of what your costs might be. For example, if you ask us to provide you with a summary of your future housing options, we know that it takes approximately 6 hours to put that together. We also know that we will spend an average of 20 more hours in coordinating the transition management company you hire and taking care of other things that are outside the scope of service covered by a real estate transaction.



Are there any other costs?

As previously mentioned, we bring in a transition management company to handle much of the work that is not related to the sale of your home. For example, they provide services as you need them, including coordinating any tradespeople brought in to do repairs necessary to getting your home ready for sale, staging and preparing your home for sale, arranging for your contents to go where you want them to go, coordinating movers, and even setting things up in your new home. It is important to remember that YOU are in control at all times – no work will be undertaken without your request and complete understanding of what is to be done and a forecast of the costs of having that work done.


How can I control how much money is being spent?

Before any work is undertaken on your behalf, we will all sit down with the transition manager. At that time, you’ll be given an outline of the services available to you, the likely cost and time frame. Remember, no work will commence until you have given your approval. We encourage you to have a family member present during these discussions. You’ll like the transition managers – many of them got into the business after helping a parent or relative go through just the sort of things you will be going through, so they understand the importance of patience.


What about the money you will make for selling my house and helping me buy my condo?

As mentioned above, the services involved in transition management, and the extra hours that I will put in ensuring that your move is stress-free and goes smoothly fall outside the scope of my work in getting your home sold and helping you buy your next home. This work is specialized work and requires a highly trained, dedicated professional with knowledge and experience far beyond that of an average real estate agent. As that professional, I must be paid for my time and expertise.


This all seems like so much money; can’t I do this myself?

I don’t blame you for thinking that, I honestly don’t. Truth be told, there isn’t one thing that your transition team (myself and the transition managers) does that you, or your family, could not do yourselves. I understand how you feel, and can assure you that many people before you have felt the same way. However, what they have found is that they just don’t have the time, resources, or skill set to do it. People lead busy lives these days, and most cannot squeeze one more thing into them. What I, as an ASA, bring to you is a network of exceptional specialists, and together we take the headaches out of your move.


What’s the next step?

Give me a call, or send me an email, and I’ll send you my brochure ‘The 8 Most Important Questions’. Then we’ll set a time to sit down and chat. That’s what it is – a chat with no pressure and no obligations, just getting to know each other and seeing if we’re a fit to go ahead.

For answers to your questions, email or call me today.                                                                                      – —– —

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